Daylesford Apothecarys healing powers calm Avalon

Im not going to lie, my first encounter with the word apothecary was whilst watching one of my absolute favourite comedies, Schitts Creek. Look it up on Netflix. Its amazing, youre welcome but back to apothecaries.

The definition of apothecary is a person in the past who made and sold medicines and, if Id paid the right attention, I would have found references to apothecaries in Romeo & Juliet and the Harry Potter series but lets move on.

s 2019, and Salty Avalon has become OBSESSED with Daylesford Apothecary.

Daylesford is a town in the foothills of the great dividing range, famous for its' mineral springs and gardens. Its also home to Naturopath and founder of Daylesford Apothecary, Bree Melotte. As a child Bree mixed wild flower potions in her backyard and shared them with her loved ones.

Today, Bree handcrafts a luxurious range of potions and tinctures which embrace both traditional and modern herbalism.

Were curious how the collection can help us wind down and restore balance:

Q: Ive always loved the aesthetic of crystals but how did they come to be used medicinally for health and well being? Is this a modern phenomenon or does crystal usage go way back?

A: They have been used in holistic healing for centuries, they can do everything from boosting energy to calming nerves and balancing the body and mind. It was said that Cleopatra bathed in water infused with rose quartz because of its strong healing and anti-ageing benefits, celebrities like Kate Hudson and the Kardashian-Jenners have revealed they use crystals and gemstones for their health and beauty boosts.

The rose quartz crystal skincare range encourages self-love and healing, so the ritual of applying or bathing has holistic benefits beyond the improvement of dry, dull and mature skin. Rose quartz is also know to support healthy circulation and has wonderfully nourishing and healing qualities for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Whereas the citrine crystal skincare range works to spark inner joy and stimulate the internal passion for life.

Supporting the Solar Plexus Chakra, citrine attracts abundance through cleansing and brightening the energetic field so that all flows easily and with joy. The physical qualities are that it brightens the complexion, nourishes stress related condition and is great for sensitive skin.

Crystals are a great way to work subtly on the body to connect its energy channels, helping to clear, balance and restore and then teamed with our beautiful nourishing skincare range you have a pairing that is magic.

Q: Sleep, we know its a game changer but it can be so hard to wind down before sleep? What can we do to better prepare our bodies for sleep and how do the sleep mist help in this process?

A: Here at Daylesford Apothecary we are all about rituals and creating a ritual that works for you to better enhance your life.

We would suggest creating your own sleep ritual maybe that begins by running a lovely warm bath and using some of our sleep bath soak a deeply nourishing and tranquil blend of pure essential oils, salts and herbs naturopathically formulated to prepare the body for a deep and restful nights sleep.

While soaking in your bath you are maybe enjoying a cup of our sleep tea to further unwind and prepare for a restful nights sleep using the benefits of californium poppy and passionflower.

You then complete the ritual by using our sleep mist 15mins before bed which is Infused with essential oils of lavender and roman blue chamomile, our sleep mist is designed to assist with a restful and blissful night sleep and if you do happen to wake up during the night just re-mist yourself and take yourself back to that relaxed state you created at the start of your bedtime ritual.

Q: Daylesford, where you are based, is a magical place with incredible nature and the famous mineral springs. How does the environment inspire you and products you create?

A: Born and bred in Daylesford, I enjoyed a bright and a wonderfully free upbringing, which has all contributed to who I am today. As a child I was surrounded with a diverse bunch of humans from farmers to hippies, yet they all shared one common thread, a respect for the land we share.

Daylesford Apothecary products are created with respect for our planet. Sourcing our ingredients and packaging from smaller business operators in the Central Highlands where possible, not only supports our local economy  hopefully also enables more young girls (and boys), to perhaps one day fulfil their childhood dreams in their native surrounds, just like me.

With all of this experience and knowledge, I find myself here today handcrafting magical and medicinal potions for you and I’m so excited that so many of you will receive their benefits. Each product is made with healing properties and their own unique intention, so when you close your eyes with the product in your hand, you may actually see what how it will help you.

We heart Daylesford Apothecary!

Jo & Bella:
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Sleep Mist
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